Plastic seals: from tradition to innovation


Over the past decade, we have witnessed the rapid development of the plastic seal industry. From a simple packaging and protection tool to the emergence of various innovative applications, the plastic seal industry has undergone a sea change.

Let's look back at the beginnings of the industry. Ten years ago, the main function of plastic seals was to protect goods from damage during transport. At that time, simple plastic ties and seals could meet the market demand. However, with the development of technology and consumers' rising demand for packaging, plastic seals began to show more innovation in design and function.

For example, some seals incorporate RFID chips that can track the source and flow of goods, greatly improving logistics efficiency. Meanwhile, some seals also incorporate anti-counterfeiting technologies, such as micro security lines and thermal labels, which provide consumers with anti-counterfeiting protection. In addition, some seals are equipped with intelligent unlocking functions, which can be opened by simply scanning the QR code or using specific mobile phone applications, greatly enhancing the user experience.

Behind this magnificent turnaround is the hard work of countless researchers and skilled workers. They have developed new materials, designed new structures and tested new properties to make plastic seals more relevant to the needs of modern consumers while maintaining their original protective functions.

Looking into the future, we have reason to believe that with the continuous progress of science and technology and the ever-changing market demand, the plastic seal industry will continue to develop in innovation and bring more convenience and safety to our life.

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